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About Us 

The Student Services Leadership Team is made up of students across all grade levels who work as an extension of the school counseling office. Members of the team are involved in a variety of tasks and projects that further the development of academic, social-emotional, and college/career readiness. We have pods where group of team members work together in different units. These pods range from peer mentorship, academic support, podcasts, and more. For more info on our team, and pods visit the link below!!!



Things Are Coming Second Semester!

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Tips & Strategies For End Of Semester

Mrs. Hoven & Nicole Buckley 
Mindfulness Club

Mindfulness club has a lot of tips for staying mindful and calm. With these techniques, they can benefit other students on finals. Mrs. Hoven and Nicole talk about how to keep a positive mindset, what to do in preparation, and how these actions affect the outcome. 

Zooming Camera

Coming Soon 

Video Series 

Future College Info 

Here you can find our flyers for all different universities! Here you can learn about information about university's, important numbers, and so much more fascinating things can be found in these digital flyers!!!

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